PERmanent gallery (2003 – 2011)


Permanent Projects operated out of 20 Bedford Place, Brighton as Permanent Gallery between 2003 – 2011. Permanent Gallery was set up by Laura Mousavi in 2003 in close consultation with Hannah Murgatroyd. In the same year The Permanent Bookshop was set up by Borbonesa (Matt Fleming, Lee Shearman, Ian Whitmore, David Yaghoobi.) In 2005 the Permanent Steering Committee was formed to develop Permanent Gallery’s programme and make key decisions about the organisation. In 2006 Woodrow Kernohan became co-Director.

Committee members between 2003-2011 were: Laura Mousavi (Curator and Director 2003-2011),  Woodrow Kernohan (Curator and Director 2004-2010), Polly Carter,  Nadège Derderian, Matt Fleming,  Gemma Gore,  Lisa Maddigan, Sarah Philp, Lee Shearman

For enquiries about Permanent Gallery or e-Permanent email Laura Mousavi


Permanent Gallery was established in May 2003 as a space for artistic experimentation to provide practical and critical support in the producing, presenting and contextualising of artists’ work. Central to the exhibition programme was the process of dialogue between the gallery, each artist and their audience. A related programme of events accompanied all exhibitions. these_about-us.jpg Photo: These Horses at the launch of their book, Speakers, Permanent Gallery, July 2007

Permanent Gallery was supported by: